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If so, you likely experienced a lengthy wait on hold for about 20 minutes, followed by the need to schedule an appointment.

Upon securing your appointment, any inquiries you have are met with another 20-minute hold before receiving assistance. Furthermore, banks typically exclusively promote their own financial products.

Engaging Lee Berry – Mortgage Adviser offers the advantage of receiving comprehensive advice and recommendations tailored to the top deals available in the market, enabling you to compare and secure the most favorable mortgage.

You’ll have direct access to Lee via mobile, even during evenings and weekends, for any queries you may have.

Reach out to Lee today to explore securing the optimal deal for your mortgage.

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“Lee was instrumental in helping us get our last mortgage. We weren’t sure if we could even get a mortgage as we had a few problems in the past however Lee knew exactly which lender to go to and got the deal through. I cannot recommend Lee highly enough”

Karen S.

“Highly recommended. Lee helped us get a mortgage when we thought we had exhausted all options elsewhere. After being declined several times by other lenders, Lee was able to help us get the mortgage we wanted straight away and with minimal fuss.”

Vanessa W.

Over 20 years of experience in the mortgage and property industry.

Lee Berry has vast amount of experience working within the house buying and selling process. Selling and buying a property can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do. Having an expert on hand will help you through the tricky process and help you to avoid the pitfalls on the way.


Based in Rayleigh, Essex, can offer home visits, evening and weekend appointments if required to clients in the South Essex areas.

For clients outside the Essex area, telephone appointments are available.

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A service designed for people that want a personal and on-hand service. Available at all times to find the best mortgage deal available but also to help throughout the whole process, whether it be a remortgage, buy to let or home moving process.

Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions 

Is a property survey required?

When seeking a new mortgage, it’s common for your lender to require a property valuation to confirm you’re paying a fair price.

Typically, they’ll dispatch a surveyor to evaluate the property you intend to buy, often with associated fees (although some may offer this service at no cost).

This survey primarily aims to verify the property’s value rather than provide a structural assessment. Therefore, if you have concerns regarding structural integrity, it’s advisable to engage an independent property surveyor for clarification.

How much deposit do I need to buy a house?

The minimum down payment needed to obtain a new mortgage is 5% of the property’s price. Opting for a larger deposit often results in lower mortgage rates. Deposits of 25% can significantly reduce costs.

How much can I borrow on a mortgage?

Each lender will determine your borrowing limit differently. Nonetheless, as a general rule, many lenders may offer loans of up to 4.5 times your annual salary.

However, this figure may decrease based on factors such as your expenses, existing debts, or car finance commitments. Reach out to us for a more precise assessment of your borrowing capacity.

Can I get a mortgage if I have bad credit?

We might still be able to secure a mortgage for you. Generally, a 25% deposit is required, depending on the extent of your bad credit history.

If you have this deposit available, there are lenders who may entertain your application, although you might encounter higher interest rates compared to those offered by mainstream banks.

Can I get a buy to let property?

Buy-to-let mortgages have undergone significant changes in recent years, and navigating them can be perplexing. Typically, a 20% deposit is required to secure a buy-to-let mortgage, but opting for a 25% deposit can lead to lower interest rates.

The borrowing amount is typically influenced by the anticipated rental income. We can assist you in calculating your borrowing capacity. Reach out to us today to initiate a discussion.

What is an agreement in principle?

Once you’re satisfied with your mortgage terms, you can proceed to obtain a mortgage agreement in principle. We will handle the application process with your chosen provider and facilitate a credit check on your behalf.

Upon receiving approval from your lender, many providers issue an ‘approval in principle certificate,’ which can be advantageous when liaising directly with estate agents. Possessing this certificate can enhance your standing as a buyer, particularly in competitive property scenarios.

To obtain your approval in principle, you’ll need to furnish accurate evidence of your income. For employed individuals, this entails providing three months of payslips (or 13 weeks if paid weekly). If you’re self-employed, you’ll likely need your most recent two years’ tax calculations, obtainable from an accountant or downloadable from the HMRC website.

I'm Self Employed. Can I still get a mortgage?

Absolutely! If you’re currently self-employed, you’ll require at least one full year of accounts that you’ve submitted to HMRC. Your accountant can then furnish you with a certificate validating your income.

With this documentation, you’ll have access to a variety of lenders who are willing to consider your mortgage application.

After you’ve submitted your accounting figures, reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with precise estimates on your borrowing capacity.

Do I need to pay stamp duty?

Stamp duty is a tax levied on the purchase price of your property. Determining the exact amount you owe can be challenging, but our stamp duty calculator can provide you with the payable figure.

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